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GSB Rye Ale

Great South Bay


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Rye Ale






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This tasty, spicy red rye ale is perfect for spring. It’s deliciously balanced with flavors of sweet malt and a slight spice from the solid dose of rye. With piney notes of Juniper Berries that are added to the boil with just the right amount of Cascade and Chinook Hops, this beer goes down smooth whether you're grilling up some burgers, or just sitting back and enjoying a crisp spring evening. Pick up a torp of this delightful brew to serve with all of your favorite dishes.


Rye Ale

Rye ales contain a notable amount of rye grain in the beer making process which give them mild bitterness and spicy almost sour-like characteristics. The rye, or pumpernickel, the flavor is also in the finish and influences the color of the beer. American brewers are using rye grain in many various styles which makes them so varied in the typical characteristics of beer of aroma, taste, color, etc.

In darker versions, malt flavor can optionally include low roasted malt characters (evident as cocoa/chocolate or caramel) and/or aromatic toffee-like, caramel, or biscuit-like characters. Low-level roasted malt astringency is acceptable when balanced with low to medium malt sweetness. Hop flavor is low to medium-high. Hop bitterness is low to medium. These beers can be made using either ale or lager yeast. The addition of rye to a beer can add a spicy or pumpernickel character to the flavor and finish. Color can also be enhanced and may become redder from the use of rye. The ingredient has come into vogue in recent years in everything from Stouts to lagers but is especially popular with craft brewers in India Pale Ales. To be considered an example of the style, the grain bill should include sufficient rye such that rye character is evident in the beer.

  • ABV: Varies from low to high alcohol
  • Color: Varies from straw to dark brown
  • Glassware: Vase glass
  • Temperature: 45-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: Think spicy - Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian or jerk chicken