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Spicy, Ginger, Cinnamon Nutmeg, Seasonal


Winter Seasonal Beer






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A rich winter ale with ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Rich and toasty with subtle holiday spice undertones, the most prominent features of this ale are rich caramel, toffee, and a whisp of freshly baked bread.  Deep brown in color with an offwhite head, this rich beer warms and will definitely keep the icy fingers of winter at bay.    

We brewed three contrasting winter ales for the 2019/2020 winter season.  This brew is a traditional malt-forward, slightly sweet, holiday tipple, but with a lower alcohol content, you can have a couple brews while relaxing at home.  Another beer “Everything Nice” is brighter, lighter and juicier offering while still maintaining a certain seasonal flavor.   Finally, “Something Spiced” is all about the big bold flavors that really help take the chill off the cold winter air with the aromas of Cinammon, Nutmeg, Gloves, and Ginger spicing up the complex malt profile of kilned malts.

We wanted to do a beer that’ll warm you up since your fake digital yule log on TV generally won’t put out the same BTU’s as the fireplace that you wish you had.   Thus, Kenny Yule-Loggin’s was born.  If you DO have a fireplace, we hope it is 5 pm right now and you are sippin’ a Winter Warmer you earned on the slopes today.


Many interpretations are possible; allow for brewer creativity as long as the resulting product is balanced and provides some spice presentation. Spices associated with the holiday season are typical (as mentioned in the Aroma section). The spices and optional fermentables should be supportive and blend well with the base beer style. Rich, malty and/or sweet malt-based flavors are common and may include caramel, toast, nutty, or chocolate flavors. May include some dried fruit or dried fruit peel flavors such as raisin, plum, fig, orange peel or lemon peel. May include distinctive flavors from specific fermentables (molasses, honey, brown sugar, etc.), although these elements are not required. A light evergreen tree character is optional but found in some examples. The wide range of special ingredients should be supportive and balanced, not so prominent as to overshadow the base beer. Bitterness and hop flavor are generally restrained so as to not interfere with the spices and special ingredients. Generally finishes rather full and satisfying, and often has some alcohol flavor. Roasted malt characteristics are rare, and not usually stronger than chocolate.