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Scottish Spirit

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Scottish Spirit

Toffee, Caramel, Toasted Bread, Malt Forward


Scottish Ale






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Light-bodied Scottish ale with Caramel and Toffee notes

Scottish Spirit is a light-bodied, but massively flavorful Scottish Ale. A touch more full-bodied than some of the lighter Scottish ales, this 80 Shilling Scottish ale is brimming with toffee and fresh toasted bread notes.  Hopping is kept to the bare minimum to allow the malt sweetness to lead the charge on this auburn brew.

When we set out to brew this Scottish Ale, we knew that we needed to make sure that the essence of Scotland was considered, and preserved. The country is known for barley and malt production used in its whiskeys, and much of that malt was also used in brewing. We really wanted to make grain the star of the show for this brew, so using several different specialty malts and a low hop profile, we feel we really captured the Scottish Spirit. 

For this heavy malt-forward beer, we want to look at some roastier tones to provide some contrast and balance to the sweetness and caramel in this brew.  For mains try a grilled flank steak with chimichurri, roasted heirloom carrots with sage butter. This beer sings with fragrant cheeses like Tête de Moine. For Dessert, you really have some wide options. We, however, recommend going with Blackberry and Vanilla Bread Pudding.   



Entirely malt-focused, with flavors ranging from pale, bready malt with caramel overtones to rich-toasty malt with roasted accents (but never roasty) or a combination thereof. Fruity esters are not required but add depth yet are never high. Hop bitterness to balance the malt. No to low hop flavor is also allowed and should of traditional English character (earthy, floral, orange-citrus, spicy, etc.). Finish ranges from rich and malty to dry and grainy. A subtle butterscotch character is acceptable; however, burnt sugars are not. The malt-hop balance tilts toward malt. Peat smoke is inappropriate