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Sunset Ale

Crisp, Grainy, Floral, Bright


Cream Ale






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A crisp brew with soft grainy notes, and a floral hop presence

This cream ale is light, crisp, and extremely tasty.  With touches of corn-like sweetness and a mild hop bitterness providing balance, this is a delightfully satisfying brew. Featuring a little bit of corn to lighten the body, this golden beer is light on the palate, light in color, but full on the flavor. 

Watching the sun go down as we wound up our shifts, we all sipped on this cream ale for some refreshment as we reveled in the warming weather and the coming of spring.  We decided this beer was perfect for ushering in the brightening of spring and bidding goodnight to the cold winter months. 

Cream ales, like many lighter brews, need some fitting lighter fare for a good pairing.  For your first course, try out a goat cheese crostini with honey and walnut or Brie. For your mains, you’ll have a fantastic meal featuring a carbonara pasta or simply use this beer as a meal starter.  Calamari is another fine choice. Desserts, try this brew out with fresh cannoli or lemon curd. 




Cream Ale

The Cream Ale is an American classic from the 1800s with German influence and some believe they were the precursor to the Steam Beer. Cream Ales are typically lightly fruity and sweet and very drinkable.

Low to medium-low hop bitterness. Low to moderate maltiness and sweetness, varying with gravity and attenuation. Usually well-attenuated. Neither malt nor hops dominate the palate. A low to moderate corny flavor is commonly found, as is light DMS (optional). The finish can vary from somewhat dry to faintly sweet. Low fruity esters are optional. Low to medium-low hop flavor (any variety, but typically floral, spicy, or herbal).

  • ABV: Low to Medium alcohol
  • Color: Straw to Gold
  • Glassware: Flute glass
  • Temperature: 45-50 oF
  • Food Pairing: Sweet or spicy foods and salads