H41 Wild Lager H41 Wild Lager H41 Wild Lager

H41 Wild Lager



import, light, refreshing, biscuity, malty






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H41 Wild Lager is a Limited Release lager brewed with a rare ‘mother’ yeast discovered in Patagonia. Developed by Heineken's world-class team of Master Brewers, H41 is a step above the norm – More flavor with spicy notes balanced by subtle hints of fruit.

Named for the coordinate (41) of the beech forest from which the 'mother' yeast was discovered, H41 is just as elusive as the yeast from which it is brewed. Available on draught in select bars and through Hopsy for home delivery.

Willem van Waesberghe, Heineken Master Brewer, commented: “Central to the famous Heineken taste is our unique A-yeast. It was first used 130 years ago by Dr. Elion, a Heineken brewer trained by Louis Pasteur. It is still used today. The exact make up of our A-yeast is a closely guarded secret.”

He continued; “However, when the ‘mother’ of our A-yeast was discovered in Patagonia, it presented us with a unique opportunity. Using our unrivalled expertise, Heineken’s Master Brewers began to work with the mother yeast to unlock a spectrum of new flavours. Our ‘Lager Explorations’ series was born. The taste of every beer in the series will be surprising and intense.”



Kind of a catch-all category for beer. Craft-style lagers are a bit more malty but still very easy drinking. They're more full in flavor and aroma than the lighter big beer brands on grocery-store shelves.

  • ABV: Low alcohol
  • Color: Straw to golden
  • Glassware: Pint or flute glass
  • Temperature: 40-45 oF
  • Food Pairing: Really anything - burgers, pizza, soup