Lagunitas 4-Pack Lagunitas 4-Pack Lagunitas 4-Pack

Lagunitas 4-Pack


Lagunitas 4-Pack

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This box is exclusive to one of our most popular breweries: Lagunitas. Due to such high demand, we've put together a box devoted to this killer brewery! There’s no better way to enjoy these great beers than on tap, at home and fresh from your SUB Home Tap. First up in this exclusive box, we have the ubiquitous, yet always tasty Lagunitas IPA. An industry icon, this stuff is coming straight from the brewery and is as fresh as it gets! Second up, one of their newest releases, Sumpin' Easy. This beer is all about cool refreshment and hoppy flavor while still remaining sessionable. Third, we have a beer that's highly sought after--Lil' Sumpin Sumpin Ale. A hoppy pale wheat ale with a silky texture and amazing hop character. Finally, to finish clean and crisp, with a pleasant bitterness, we have the Czech Pilsner. The Lagunitas Pack is very limited in quantity, and these beers can't be swapped into your club packs, grab 'em while you can!